Wednesday, March 25, 2015


This might not be an Hekate related subject but is one of the reasons why I just posted this protection spell. 
 I know this subject is not of supernatural nature, but it doesn't make it any less scary and dangerous.

When we go to social networks, we are looking for an environment where we can relax and find people with the same interests as we do to befriend.

That was my thought when I started to use my twitter account I had since 2008 in August last year. How wrong I was!

I met a "friend" that at first was the sweetest person I've ever met, he was an MJ RP, always telling how much he loved me, almost too good to be true... because it was...

After a while he asked me to block someone cause they were rude to him and I believed him and did, then some time later he came with the same thing but this time the someone that was rude to him was a good friend of mine, that I knew a lot better than I knew him. So I thought wait, something is fishy there and I waited to talk to her and found out it was the other way around. 

The guy was a control freak that insulted and unfollowed her just because she didn't have an MJ logo on her twitter page, but the day before that he said he loved her so much.

The amazing thing was that the very next day I was the one with a nasty DM of his waiting for me calling me names, accusing me of playing with people's feelings and the list goes on just because I didn't comply with his order to block my friend. Truth is he was just getting started, this way his MO he would tell you to do something and if you didn't he would attack you, block you and tell others on DM to block you too cause you hurt him. This way nobody would ever know what really happened between his victims and himself and he could play the victim.

I started to meet lots of other people he did the same to and I couldn't be quiet cause I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT HE WON'T STOP and many more will be hurt in the future. So the other victims of his and me would talk about what he did to us in hopes others would see and be careful for the same not to happen to them, that's when the bullying started, he making jokes calling us haters, devils that our day was coming, threatening to make a movie to show the good and bad people in his life (a good way to expose us to his followers so more people could bully us), threatened to go to court because we were harassing him and finally put our @ names on his page lying that we were fake MJ fans that have hurt him and would hurt others asking people to please block us.

His last one, he wrote a twitlong talking about suicidal thoughts because the "hate club" according to him (talking about his victims that came out and spoke about what he did in public) hated him and wanted him gone and all the pity talk he could throw out but that a stranger was with him on the phone giving him strength not to kill himself and in the same twitlong he asked people not only to block us but to report us so we would be gone.

Guys social networking bullying is true and nobody is safe from suffering it, and the social network itself won't be much of a help to you. You know how many times this guy was reported? Hundreds and he just deletes tweets and keeps going. So be careful out there, specially with RPs of famous people and unverified pages of famous celebrities that you love. They surely are fakes but they will use the love you have for the celebrity they are portraying to get control over you, and you never know who is on the other side of the screen, can be a psychopath,  a pedophile, a narcissistic and the list goes on.


This spell is specially helpful if you don't know who (the name of the person) or what (the actual situation) is putting you in harms way. 

When you feel threatened by dangerous people or situations make a circle of salt (can be normal kitchen salt you use to cook), light up a white or purple candle (no need to be a special candle, can be one you buy in any grocery store), write your full name on a piece of paper and put them both candle and the paper in the circle. Pray for Hekate to protect you and distance you from any person or situation that wishes your any harm. Let the candle burn till the end then burn the piece of paper and bury what's left on the ground. 

Have faith with this simple spell the underground Goddess will protect you and look after you against any evil.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


The Earth represents the material and objective world. In Magic, when seeking to emphasize the practical side and explore the prosperity, it is customary to offer a stone or an apple for the gnomes, the lords of the earth.

There is a very ancient practice to ward off bad luck and obstacles in life. Write down everything you want to walk away from. You'll have to throw this paper off a bridge that passes over a river. The waters will take all evil away and when you cross the bridge you'll have left all the bad things behind.

A yellow feather is a very powerful amulet. If you find one (never boot it from a bird, you should find it on the floor), place it inside your pillow and you will be with luck on your side. Remember to light, from time to time,  an incense as a thanks to the element air.

Garlic is above all a powerful good luck charm. It has a strong energy that ensures protection for any occasion. Its great cleansing power created the famous symbols of garlic as a weapon against vampires.

An amulet to attract good luck can be done with small pieces of objects that were important in your life (one paper from your diary, a used clothing button, some unforgettable date etc..). Place some of these things into a bag and take it with you always.

To have a prosperous and joyful New Year place twelve apples in a basket (each representing one month of the next year). In one of the last days of the year take the basket to a wood or garden, put it in a well-concealed and offer to gnomes.

A practice to attract good fortune can be made easily and at any time. Draw colored stars (with six or eight points) and hang one in every room of your home. Leave them there for seven days. This is a very ancient and efficient way to attract harmony and luck to you and your home.

Attaching a gold pin on the inside of your wallet is a very ancient practice used to attract prosperity.

Using the resources of Mother Nature to stage a situation we envision is a technique widely used in Magic. A good way to attract prosperity is to carve coins in potato slices. Make seven pieces of potato and bury them under the sun light and wish to multiply your treasure.

The iron pyrite has the ability to attract prosperity. Bury pyrite in the roots of a tree closer to your home. After three nights dig it and take it with you. Magnetized by the power of the Earth and your moon stone will be even more powerful. Do this preferably at a Crescent Moon night.

If you want prosperity in some project write it down on a piece of paper and burn it with a yellow candle. Stir the ashes of the paper with a little yeast, and put them in a bottle. Keep this bottle with you until realize your plans. Then bury it.

For quick results in money matters, few spells are more effective than the altar of cinnamon. Light a candle and incense both with cinnamon scent on the same place. While burning, place it next to three pieces of cinnamon bark and a container of essence of cinnamon.

Sunday is the day consecrated to the sun gods as Helios, Apollo and Mithras. For this reason, it is a great day to do any ritual of prosperity. A good way to harmonize with the energies of this day is to light a cinnamon incense stick, preferably around noon.

It is said that if we put candy and sweets on the windowsill in the last night of the Year, the elves will thank the offering bringing luck and prosperity throughout the entire New Year.

The leprechauns are the famous Irish elfs who love to repair shoes and other items of clothing. So it is an ancient tradition of that country to leave on the window an old shoe with three coins inside. It is said they’ll be so happy with this gesture that in return they will bring luck and prosperity to your home.

Bury a small silver object closest to the entrance door of your home. This ancient practice brings luck and prosperity to your home.

The Crescent Moon is the symbol of the Goddess, the principle of the feminine and the Magic. A crescent silver moon is a valuable talisman that brings luck and prosperity to its owner.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012


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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


"When the moon disappears, and the dark night of stay
My shadow will appear, and the Goddess Hecate I'll call
Three nights for New Moon, three nights of darkness
In my mind the grave opens and the buried will awaken
Goddess Hecate help me see in the dark
For without your solicitude darkness will devour me
By the law of duality there is one inside and one outside
And my individuality is corroborated by the two
With Goddess Hecate in her Picket
With my shadow I will get along
Like the horse and its rider
Riding at dawn.

Ps.: Taken from the book "O Livro De H├ęcate".